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At The Lost Lobos, we offer a healthy path to bring wellbeing, peace, and joy into your life. Our team of spiritual facilitators, led by Vania Halldorson, helps you to remove any energetic blockages or emotions that no longer serve you and connect to the Divine.
Holistic Healer Vania Halldorson

Vania Halldorson, one of the founders of The Lost Lobos®, is a spiritual facilitator and healer.

The best memories from her childhood and youth were moments experiencing nature, so she spent many years studying biological sciences (bachelors, masters, and doctorate). With this knowledge and connecting herself with nature, she started expanding her consciousness, which manifested through dreams, visions, and holistic trainings. Lately her spiritual calling was intensified so she decided to help women to transform their lives.

Based on the need of each client, she would use holistic therapies such as ThetaHealing®, Usui Reiki, Access Consciousness®, among others to remove any energy blockages or emotions that no longer serves the client.

Also, through tarot and oracles reading, she guides clients on their spiritual path.

The sessions are held online and in-person in English, Portuguese, or Spanish.

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Interested in Booking a Session?

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Thank you for visiting this page and I hope you enjoy a holistic session with me. I would be happy to discuss a holistic package option with you. Just click on the WhatsApp button.

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Our mission is to provide you with a wellness and multicultural experience that will transform your life. We offer:

1. Holistic Services;

2. Imported ethnic & metaphysical products from South America;

3. Local handmade wood products.

Our Mission


The Lost Lobos® also support cultures in remote regions to sell their products and expand their traditional lifestyle to your home. The majority of the products comes primarily from South America, especially from Brazil.

The colorful ethnic handmade products brings happiness and joy to you and your home.

Among the main metaphysical products we have crystals, white sage, Palo Santo wood & Masala incenses bringing a sense of peace and clarity, while clearing negativity from your home. All these products can be used in your altar as an offering to your ancestors and/or Divine guides.

Enhance your energy today while supporting these communities. Buy now!

"Our main goal is to transform your life"

Amazon Indigenous Craft - Necklace and Earrings set
Our ethinic

 M. McPhail

"I recently had an Alchemist Tarot reading. It was done in such a beautiful, warm and caring energy that I felt held with immense kindness. The reading was very insightful and encouragingly shone a light that sent me off on a new path of discovery! I am ever so grateful! 

L. N. Lanatta

"I am a holistic therapist and live in Miami. I have the privilege to have Vania as my Theta Healer. Every time I have a challenge, I request her services. She is always there for me, improving different areas of my life with her talent, expertise and love. She was able to open the path for me, so I'm very grateful to have her in my life"

N. Duran

Great Page! I love the products!

V. Perry

Way cool! You are the best!


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